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    All interactions with Facebook require this. We use it to make populating your Artfox profile a breeze by doing most of the hard work for you. We only access this information once and you're free to remove any details you see fit.
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    Your email is used to send you our weekly curated newsletter containing our latest job offers and projects we find interesting, in addition to some useful notifications. Too much for you? - Change your email preferences in your settings section.
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    Only used if you'd like to invite or share something with your friends on Facebook, and never without your explicit consent.
  • Access to your data anytime
    Posting information to Facebook can often take some time. This permission allows us to do the heavy lifting in the background while you continue your activities on Artfox, and we only do so following a request on your part.
  • Access to your profile information
    Artfox thrives on shared work experiences, which we refer to as projects. To help you get the most out of Artfox, we offer you the ability to import your education and work information from Facebook should you choose to do so. You can access this feature during the sign up process or by editing your profile.