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Marlon - Feb 2nd & 3rd - Studio 303

Event in Montréal

Between performance and “one-woman show,” Marlon is a surprising monologue for the dance stage. Starting from the pretext of figurehead Marlon Brando, Aude Lachaise explores with an irresistible ironic distance issues of gender, sexuality, women, patriarchy, desire and seduction.
2Fik showcases his latest character a woman with a beard named Ludmilla-Mary in a lip-synch based multimedia performance. Ludmilla-Mary is everything you want to be, but more outrageous. The only issues in her life are : staying independent, earning her money, finding a man who deserves her and keeping her freedom! This performance is a visual ode to the ones who wants to rule their life.    Finally, Woman in Blue Baking a Cake is a piece by Deborah Dunn and Elise Vanderborght. With the seventeenth century portraits of domestic women by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer lurking in the back ground, Deborah Dunn and Elise Vanderborght will delve into a visceral, choreographic and theatrical exploration of domesticity: mining the banal for the sublime, pushing the bodily limits of generosity and animating the physical nature of home.