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Photoshop: Special Topics

Educational program in Berkeley (United States)

If you've already learned Photoshop, but want some helpful instruction on how to improve your techniques and work-flow, this workshop series is for you. Color work-flow terminology will be de-mystified while you learn how to not only control the colors and tones in your images with curves, but also how to save under- or over-exposed images, how to hide or enhance details and how to use contrast to its full advantage. Choose one workshop or all three. Basic knowledge of Photoshop required.

Jon Zax owns and operates Lotuscolor, one of the Bay Area's premier digital imaging studios. An early advocate of digital imaging, he has taught Photoshop since 1990, privately and at various institutions, including the Academy of Art University, SF State, and the Center for Electronic Arts. He is also an award-winning photographer and digital artist. He brings a lifetime of experience to the classroom, as well as a teaching style that includes humor and a lot of enthusiasm.http://www.lotuscolor.net/home.html

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