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Educational program in Berkeley (United States)

After learning the basics of black and white intaglio, color etching is the next process a printmaker may wish to explore.

This workshop covers an array of techniques such as multiple plate etching, viscosity, a la poupee and hand colored prints. John also covers registration methods for both plate making and printing processes, and techniques for combining intaglio with other processes for color printmaking. Basic knowledge of printmaking processes and previous experience with etching is required.

John Edwards has been involved with printmaking since 1974. After receiving his BA from UC Berkeley, he has worked as both a professional printer and printmaker. His work is exhibited and collected nationally and internationally, most recently in San Jose, Costa Rica, Quito, Ecuador, and Tashkent, Uzbekistan. John has been making prints at the Kala Art Institute since 1988, and teaching at Kala for many years.

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