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The Art of Wabi Sabi: Drawing and Painting

Educational program in Berkeley (United States)

The Art of Wabi Sabi prompts students to explore the Japanese aesthetic of organic ephemerality by embracing chance and entropy in their work. Students will work with the spontaneous qualities of Sumi-e Ink, watercolor, natural pigments, resists and textures, neutral tones, and monoprint in order to make richly textured and layered works on paper.

Elizabeth Sims is an artist working in visual and social media, and has exhibited in galleries including The Royal Nonesuch Gallery and MacArthur B Arthur in Oakland. Her current project, Hello How Are You? in being produced by Invisible Venue in partnership with Kala Art Institute. She is also an art writer and has written for art publications including X-tra Contemporary Art Quarterly in Los Angeles. She is the Visual Arts Instructor at Holy Names High School in Oakland. Previously, she taught Visual Art and Art History at the Orange County High School for the Arts. Elizabeth received her MFA in Painting from Claremont Graduate University in 2005.www.elizabethsimsprojects.com

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