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Advanced Letterpress: Photo Polymer

Educational program in Berkeley (United States)

Experience the range of possibilities with photopolymer letterpress printing. These light-sensitive plates allow you to create custom relief images from any combination of line drawings, black-and-white images, linescreen photographs, and digital or hand-drawn type. In the first day, you will create multiple photopolymer plates from hand-drawn or digital negatives, which you will prepare from your own photos, text, or artwork. You will also learn the nuances of making your own polymer plates with Kala’s Anderson-Vreeland platemaker. On the second day, we will delve deeper into advanced Vandercook press use, multiple-plate registration. Pre-requisite: Introduction to Letterpress.

Nif Hodgson is a San Francisco artist working in traditional and contemporary printmaking and letterpress techniques. She has been an artist-in-residence at Kala since 2000 and received her MFA from San Francisco State University. Her work has been shown in national exhibitions, as well as throughout the Bay Area. And her artist books are available through the Seager Grey Gallery. She is the recent recipient of the Murphy, Cadogan & Phelan Fellowship and the Leo D. Stillwell Scholarship. http://nifhodgson.com/

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