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Audrée Juteau + Ziyian Kwan

Event in Montréal

Saturday, May 11th 6 p.m. & Sunday, May 12th 4 p.m. @ Studio 303

A spontaneous dialogue with a dog and an abstract view of intimacy.

Audrée Juteau presents her creation Poisson. A dancer and a dog enter stage right. The dog (being so friendly) goes straight into the audience and breaks all conventions, which are inherent to the dancer. Using as her inspiration the spontaneous and non-performative presence of the dog Same, Poisson uses unpredictability as it's primary matter to explore a relational space in flux, perpetually transformed by an interference loop that operates between subjects. Poisson unites Same, Audrée Juteau (dancer-choreographer), Antoine Berthiaume (composer) and David Rancourt (outside eye).

Dumb instrument Dance presents the premiere of The neck to fall, Ziyian Kwan’s ode to somatic pioneer Amelia Itcush. The work reveals the abstract intimacy that one woman experiences through the collision of events beneath her skin. There, in the network of bone organ fascia glands, a thousand and one small dances conjure the delicious discord of non-sequitur. With music composed by Peggy Lee and Dylan Vanderschyff, the neck to fall was created in residence at The Dance Centre in Vancouver.

Tickets : $20 fair-trade/$15$ reg/ $12 Students, RAIQ, RQD