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Educational program in Berkeley (United States)

Saturday, June 29, 10am-4pm 
Tuition $96

This workshop will cover a variety of college techniques including collage substrates, adhesives, paper types, and the compositional elements that will help your artwork to be visually interesting.  This is a great introductory art class, and can be a way to generate new ideas for future artworks of various media. Bring your favorite ephemera that you’ve been saving forever, and get ready to experiment.

Kim Snyder is a photographer based in San Francisco. She focuses on personal mapping and the archeology of place in her mixed media pieces, utilizing both traditional film photography and digital layering methods. Recently, she has exhibited works at the Berkeley Art Center and Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek. Presently, she is obtaining her MFA at San Francisco State University. Having developed excellent relationships with her artistic mentors, Kim hopes to provide similar opportunities to her students, and to encourage others to become involved with the creative process. Grounded in a strong belief that sharing understanding and craft can benefit both parties, Kim encourages students to engage with the experience of making. www.kimberlyjosnyder.com