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Edgy Colloque

Event in Montréal

Tran·si·tion : a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.

After an unforgettable 20th anniversary, the Edgy Women festival transforms into Edgy Redux: a concise (but still fiercely feminist) affair.

Open to all, Edgy Colloque will be composed of 6 interventions and a live interview, exploring the theme of Feminisms in Transition through the lenses of adaptation, survival, risk and creativity.

These interventions, each lasting approximatively 20 minutes, will feature presentations, performative lectures and lively exchanges between artists, academics and activists.

Coordinated for the second year by Danielle Barkley, in collaboration with Rébecca Lavoir, Miriam Ginestier and Andrea Rideout.