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TIKEN JAH FAKOLY - MAY 6 at Métropolis

Event in Montréal


Nuits d'Afrique, 30 YEARS, present activities and concerts throughout the year...

TIKEN JAH FAKOLY is coming back with his new album "RACINES"("roots"), he says : This new album is a tribute to the great classic tunes of reggae music I grew up with. From a collective standpoint, it is also a great opportunity to remember that Jamaica and Africa are forever linked together, through music, history, and people... From day one, this project is inspired by a quote from Bob Marley who once said: ‘Reggae will come back to Africa’.”
Tiken Jah Fakoly has become an icon on the African continent, and the most renowned francophone reggae artist in the world. Productions Nuits d'Afrique is proud to present the come back of Tiken Jah Fakoly in Montreal.


and at Métropolis de Montréal 

Productions Nuits d'Afrique : 514-499-9239