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MUSTARINDA AIR Open call for 2018

Residency in Hyrynsalmi (Finland)


Open call for

Working period: 1 – 3 months during

SPRING /// 1. February 2018 – 31. May 2018
AUTUMN /// 1. September 2018 – 30. November 2018
Also some writer rooms available in July–August.

Application dl: 20. October 2017

The selected artists / writers will be announced on 27th of October.

More info: http://mustarinda.fi/residency

Located in Hyrynsalmi (Kainuu province, Finland), Mustarinda-residency offers rooms for artists, writers and researchers of varying fields. Available for rent are four artist studios and additionally three rooms suitable for researchers/writers.

Mustarinda is situated on the second highest summit in Kainuu, adjacent to the north-east edge of the Paljakka nature reserve. The surrounding view is of valuable, and in some places, completely untouched old-growth forests. Paljakka and Mustarinda are also some of Finland’s snowiest areas. Mustarinda is the only inhabited house on the summit, 23 kilometers from the nearest village.