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Aaron Saloman




[color=rgb(102, 102, 102)]Aaron Saloman is a 15 year veteran of the music and audio industry in the US and Canada, having worked as a composer, performer, educator, studio & live sound engineer, and audio consultant. Aaron has composed for hit video games including American Idol Mobile and Critter Crunch PSN (Best Downloadable Game, 2010 Canadian Video Game Awards), and had his music used in shows including The Bitter End (thebitterend.tv), Teen Cribs (MTV), Departures (Outdoor Life Network), Get a Life/Grouille-Toi (TVOntario), Chris and John to the Rescue (OutTV, MTV Logo), and Gourmet Adventures with Ruth (PBS). He has also produced recordings by Eleanore Altman, Lakeport Auto Electric, James Blondeau, and many others.[/color][color=rgb(102, 102, 102)] Aaron is currently based in Montréal, Canada, but is open to exciting and challenging work anywhere.[/color]


Spoken languages
English, French
Written languages
English, French
B. Mus (Summa Cum Laude), Music Production & Engineering, Berklee College of Music
Tech skills
music & audio software & hardware
Specialized equipment
Pro Tools, Reason, Peak, DrumCore, DigitalPerformer, Mac, PC, SSL G series, Yamaha PM1D and PM4000 as well as all DM and O series, Sony MXP3000, Midas, and Mackie (analogue and digital) consoles. Extensive knowledge of microphones, outboard gear, and anal