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Adam Reider




Adam Reider is a filmmaker at the heart if his passions and a story teller at the heart of his soul. He is a writter, director and producer of films such as Dogsitter, Dec 27, and the upcoming documentary: infinity loops. He is the president of Rail City Media and runs Canada's only traveling film festival; the Rail City Road Show.

Outside of film, Adam has an extensive background in recreation and education and has worked as a motivational speaker, teacher, rock critic, social media expert, booking agent and stand up comic


Spoken languages
Written languages
Inter-media Cyber Art - Concordia University
Cinema Communications - Dawson College
Community Recreation and Leadership Training - Dawson College
Tech skills
Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Live sound, AV equipment, Schedules, Budgeting, Organization, Communication
Specialized equipment
HVX200, Cinevate brevis, Grip and Lighting.