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Azar Bogan




Azar S. Bogan began her career in music at the age of 16 when she taught herself how to DJ. After having interned at the promotions department of Interscope Records in L.A., secured her own shows on college and community radio stations in Montreal, Canada. Her all-female hiphop radio show Cypher on CKUT 90.3FM garnered international attention and aired from 1998 through 2003.

During this time, Azar held various positions in the local music scene in Montreal. During the demise of Napster, Azar became the urban EJ at FLIPR, the first legitimate peer-to-peer file sharing service for music. Azar further developed her contacts by introducing digital distribution to record labels worldwide.

In 2002, Azar produced and released a 12" on her own imprint that received accolades from The Source, Elemental, URB and many other publications. The following year, she was accepted into NYU's elite Music Business Graduate Program.

While completing her Masters, she ran the operations of Day By Day Entertainment, a national independent distribution company based in New York City and was responsible for over 15 releases. After a brief internship, she went on to work in the A&R Department of Universal Motown Records under Executive VP of A&R Bruce Carbone as well as Sr. VP of A&R Eric Nicks.

While at Universal Motown Records, Eric Nicks took Azar under his wing and involved her in 1st Class Entertainment, the company responsible for the industry's most influential showcase, R&B Live. Since June 2007, Azar has been coordinating R&B Live, the event that has featured exclusive performances by Ne-Yo, Brian McKnight, Fantasia, Mario, Trey Songz, J Holiday and many more.


Spoken languages
English, French, Farsi
Written languages
English, French, Farsi
M.A. Music Business, NYU 2005