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beewoo is a new media artist whose work has explored mediated perception of the entangled built and digital network architecture through photography, motion graphics, live video processing and interactive environments. Focusing her attention on Open Source Software, she instigated and ran artistic creation programs such as Autonomy and Activism and Digital Ludology at new media center Studio XX in Montréal.

Her current research creation investigates immersive architectural representation and tangible interfaces at the junction between fields of studies such as (media) arts, the history of architectural intentions and urban planning, and game studies.

Enjoying variety, beewoo also works as translator with knowledge of vocabulary related to new media arts, games and architecture (English to French); freelance photographer with a specific interest for architectural photography and events documentation; and occasionally as Web designer, helping fellow artists to but their portfolio online using simple and free content management systems 
(CMS) such as this indexhibit.


Written languages
French, English
Research creation interdisciplinary PhD in progress in the Special Individualized program at Concordia University
Tech skills
Translation, photography, web design.
Specialized equipment
Nikon D300