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Bettie Grace Miner




Bettie Grace Miner is an artist that brings an improvisational fusion of insight, bold colors and an expressive heart to an avant-garde style of photography and fine art painting.

Self-taught, Bettie's approach to creating an art piece comes more from the heart than from an academic method. She photographs her subjects, for composition, lighting and mood. Then she uses that photograph as the model and basis of a fine art painting. Musical subjects are a favorite. Bettie interprets the art through listening to the music as she paints and just lets the art have its way as the music infiltrates the canvas, capturing the excitement and evoking the essence of jazz within her vivid art.

In Miner’s approach to other subject matter the heart remains constant. Old World landscapes and architecture, wine and wineries, nature inspired pieces and portraiture all reveal the same passion, color, and insight.

Bettie Grace Miner’s company, Miner Works of Art, now publishes Miner’s pieces as limited edition, hand-embellished Gicleés on paper and canvas. The work can be commissioned and customized according to the buyer’s request.

Miner’s art is sought after by numerous and varied collectors including Music Industry, Interior Designers, Corporate Fine Art Buyers and Licensors. She collaborates with diverse publications, galleries, curators, racecar teams, and ad agencies. Her dedication to children’s causes,environmental, wildlife, and art programs has been a heartfelt and ongoing ambition.


The colors of nature, passions of the heart, history and uncertainty of the future inspire me. Artists who inspire me include Van Gogh, Monet, Peter Max, Leroy Neiman, Annie Leibovitz, David Hamilton, Renoir & Rembrandt