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Blanali Bacm




His musical path began at an early age, first as an autodidact bass player, and later on through experimenting with tape recorders and different recording technics. At this point his music perspective was influenced by different artist such as Can, Gentle Giant, The Art Emsamble Of Chicago, Charles Mingus, John Cage, Sonic Youth and Stravinsky.
In this particular scenario his sound was formed, and with the years, got more and more influenced by the genre of electronic music. Artists like Plastikman and Future Sound Of London leave a stong impression on him and influence him immensely in his musical understanding. It was then that he decided to replace the conventional instrumentation with sequencers and sound synthesis.
At an early stage, Blanali’s sound was a kind of hybrid mix of diverse influences, which eventually turned into a unique and recognizable sound. His recognition in the underground scene of Bogota began to grow, his live acts made a difference in a scene saturated with djs, and this is what eventually led him to become a favorite of both local and national scene. Although his style is generally defined as minimal techno, his sound is actually much broader. His interest in experimenting is one of the reasons why he constantly engages in ongoing collaborations with visual artists, video artists and choreographers. His sonic signature could be described as mix of thriving techno beats and compelling, slightly deconstructed soundscapes.
Blanali has been present and active in the electronic music scene for nearly a decade now, which has given him the opportunity to share stage with many icons of the genre, some of the most prominent artists among them are Chris Liebing, Tim Xavier, Camea, Gaiser, Heartthrob, Troy Pierce, Zoo Brazil, Ellen Allien and others. Furthermore, Blanali’s tracks have been played by well-known artists like Konrad Black, Troy Pierce, Fabrizio Maurizi and several more. Blanali’s tracks have been remixed by prominent artists like Miro Pajic, Mikael Stavostrand and Easy Changes. He has had many gigs in different European and Latin American countries and has remixed different artists in several collaborations.
Blanali has been released on several labels such as Flumo Records in Spain, Vokodek in Venezuela, Sweet Noise in Argentina, FMBE in Switzerland, Fabrique Records in Austria and recently the legendary Cheap Records also in Austria.

Latest tracks by blanali


Spoken languages
English, Spanish
Written languages
English, Spanish
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Anthropology
Tech skills
Music and sound editing software, Video and photo editing software, Sound synthesis.
Specialized equipment
Audio mastering hardware, sound synthesis.