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Bradley Leech




5 years experience with media, marketing, promotions. 6 years with event and curriculum planning. 24 years as community planner. Supervision of office, technical, enforcement staff; contractors; consultants; manual laborers. Advisory role to elected and appointed officials as well as property owners, businesses and citizens.

Work experiences

  • Shipping Clerk Current

    With Sam's Medical Products from June 2011 to present.
    Fold, roll product. Quality review, touch up if needed, or reject. Shrink wrap and pack to boxes. Load to palette. Prepare shipping labels. Move to warehouse locale or staging area.
  • PM News Producer (Volunteer) Current

    With KBOO Radio from March 2011 to present.
    Select syndicated audio and edit. Prepare anchor leads. Review and edit news readers. Prepare run sheet. Prepare headlines.Provide materials to anchors and engineer
  • Camera Operator/Grip (Volunteer) Current

    With CCTV from February 2011 to present.
    Camera operator for sports,music and public affairs TV broadcasts. Set up cameras and run cables. Operate sweep, detail or down cameras. Pan, tilt and zoom operations. Filter settings.
  • Copywriter (Volunteer) Current

    With KBOO Radio from November 2010 to present.
    Prepare newsreaders for PM News. Search for stories for KBOO audience. Research story and confirm information with multiple sources. Edit for concise length and oral presentation.
  • Producer/Editor/Videographer (volunteer)

    With CCTV Salem, Oregon from July 2010 to November 2010.
    Title: "Reenactment: A Look at Unsung Heroes of the Civil War." Filmed civil war reenactment at an Oregon state park. Edited images, sound, to assemble a story. Added music soundtrack. Added titles and credits. Researched subject matter and provided content for stills.
  • Camera Operator (volunteer)

    With CCTV, Salem, Oregon from April 2010 to November 2010.
    Run cables for camera placement. Assemble cameras. Set white balance, filters. Follow activities with camera, pull focus, follow director's instructions.
  • City Planner I

    With City of Portland, Oregon from July 2008 to December 2008.
    River planning. GIS mapping. Marine facilities analysis. Trail alignment planning. Neighborhood relations. Forest conservation. Gray to green conversion planning. Public workshops, open houses.
  • Consultant/Proprietor

    With Good Shepherd Town Planning from January 2004 to September 2004.
    Technical adviser to government agency and to open space planning board. Liaison to legal counsel. Scenic resource mapping.
  • City Planner

    With City of Petoskey, Michigan from January 1980 to December 2003.
    Provided leadership for community boards. Adviser with presentation of technical reports. Educator. Coordinator. Project management. Prepare, interpret, enforce legislation and contracts. Inspection of construction projects. Landscape development. Media relations. Interpretive development. Site planning. Parks planning.


North Central Michigan College, Class of 2004, Fine arts, music, archaeolgy, Native American culture and history, comtemporary film
Central Michigan University, Class of 2001, Humanities
National University of Ireland, Galway, Class of 1995, Film, literature, theater, archaeology, political studies, history
University of Michigan, Class of 1977, Urban planning
Michigan State University, Class of 1975, Social science, geography