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Carles Garcia




Carlos worked within the gaming industry since 2006; and it has always been his target and passion.

He landed a job in the gaming industry as a QA Compliance Tester at Volt Europe short after the Xbox360 got released.
There he worked on over a hundred titles using TCR. It was in this company where he learned the value of writing a good bug report.

After college he started working under contract for other companies including another major videogame publisher: Sega of Europe.
At Sega he had the chance to get his hands in yet to be released consoles such as Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3. He also learned the testing cycles and methodologies for all the platforms he still had not worked on.

Later he worked for Lionbridge Technologies under contract for Microsoft, testing X360 games: Viva Pinata 2 developed by Rare and LIPS, a Microsoft's Karaoke Game.

Currently he works as a Freelance for many of the main IT/Communications companies worldwide such as Microsoft, Nokia and Boingo.

Games he has contributed work to include:

- Microsoft LIPS (X360)
- Viva Piñata 2: Trouble in Paradise (X360)

- Football Manager 2007 (X360, PC, PSP)
- Sonic the Hedgehog (X360)
- Charlotte's Web (NDS)

- Several Online Poker games for PC
- New Zealand Story (NDS)

- Uno (XBLA)
- Galaga (XBLA)
- Frogger (XBLA)
- Dynasty Warriors (X360)
- Ikaruga (X360)
- Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (X360)
- Farcry (X360)
- Just Cause (X360)
- Samurai Warriors 2 (X360)
- Prey (X360)

Work experiences

  • Freelance Outsourcer Current

    With Freelance from October 2008 to present.
    • Functional and Localisation testing of yet to be released online services, applications, devices for major IT companies such as Microsoft, Nokia and Boingo.<br><br> • 24/7 availability with critical and last-minute projects. On demand basis.
  • Test Engineer

    With Lionbridge from May 2008 to October 2008.
    • Localisation and Functional testing of titles for XBOX 360.<br> • Quality review of test team members' reports. Team composed of 3 members.<br> • Checking for code defects including translation errors and readability/proof reading of in-game text. Thorough check of audio content from linguistic view point.<br> • Defect reporting using Product Studio.<br> • Titles worked on: Viva Piñata 2: Trouble in Paradise and Lips.
  • Consultant Current

    With Everis.
    • Programmer in a Public Sector project. Responsible of Functionality and Accessibility areas.<br> • Web programming involving the use of Java, CSS 1&amp;2, DHTML (HTML &amp; JavaScript), Jaws, Taw and Eclipse.<br> • Code review and inconsistency solving using CVS.
  • Certification / Localization Tester Current

    With Volt Europe.
    • Functional and Certification testing of XBOX 360 titles.<br> • Resposible for my own set of TCR and collaborator in other areas.<br> • The kind of tests range from Pre-Cert to Final Cert. The games that usually came in were for a Pre-Cert/Cert test but I also performed tests on Updates and Downloadable content, such as Arcade games.<br> • Titles worked on include, among others: Ikaruga, Just Cause, Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors 2, Uno, Galaga, Frogger, Timeshift, Prey, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
  • Test Engineer Current

    With Testronic Laboratories.
    • Functional and Localisation and Compatibility testing of published titles for PC, Nintendo DS and PSP gaming devices.<br> • Responsible of 3D Online Poker testing project for several operating systems.<br> • Responsible of Nintendo DS title testing project.<br> • Test plan/test case creation and development.<br> • Testing on multiple stations simultaneously.<br> • Titles worked on: Online Poker software (PC) &amp; New Zealand Story (NDS).
  • QA / Localisation Current

    With Sega.
    • Localisation and Functional testing of published titles by SOE for all platforms including PC, handhelds and yet to be released ones i.e: Wii and PS3.<br> • Developing test plans based on project guidelines for Sonic The Hedgehog and Football Manager 2007.<br> • Defect reporting using Test Track Pro 2.<br> • Titles worked on include, among others: Sonic The Hedgehog (X360), Football Manager 2007 (Several platforms) and Charlotte's Web (NDS).


Spoken languages
Spanish, Catalan, English
Written languages
Spanish, Catalan, English
St. Martin's College, Class of 2006, Interactive Games Design and Production
IES 27 Misericordia, Class of 2004, Systems of Telecommunications and Computer Science
FORPAX, Class of 2002, Graphic Design and Visual Programming Courses
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Class of 2002, Telematics
IPP Pío XII, Class of 1999, Scientific-Technical option
Chris Crawford, Eric Zimmerman