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Chloe Mercedes





Chloe Morin, emerging artist and yogi is an apprentice in the fields of visual arts, musical composition, and healing through Yoga.

She currently studies at OSTEO YOGA MONTREAL, practicing the ancient philosophy of Yoga by merging it with the modern science of osteopathy.

Having studied in the fields of ballet with Ballet Divertimento, world literature at Dawson College, she equally enriched her education by classical drawing at Montreal School of Fine Arts, Indian Classical Singing with Uwe Newman, and has explored a wide range of art mediums in her spare time.

In dance, hip hop, flamenco, jazz, modern, ballet, free movement and butoh. In song, pop, jazz, blues, classical, improvisation, and classical Indian. In fine arts, photography, drawing, painting, collage, sculpting, installation, molding and performance art.

“Art has always been a part of my life. It was a natural instinct for me to seek to express emotions and ideas through a poetic tool, be it any form. I speak with the words of art. As I started to touch a deeper part of myself, the realizations came that my life mission is to express these innermost experiences, reflections, drawing on the inner self I touch in my practice of Yoga.”


Spoken languages
English, French
Written languages
English, French