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Francois Cliche




Born in Montreal, highly creative kid with a special love for maths and for communication, Teenager, I studied at International School, then in graphic design in CEGEP (3 years technique), then in UQAM in graphic design. Started a master degree in communication. Have done a few exhibitions yet all over Québec and a small ones in Paris and New-York. Symbols and proportions (harmonics, numbers, ratios, etc.) are two zones of creation that have always fascinated me. They are keys that I always bring with me. As time goes on, I find more and more and even more interest in communication logistics. My experience in almost every field of creative communication puts me in a very good situation to lead or participate in the organisation of a team of creators. I am now in a moment of balance between youth and experience, looking for projects that can make a real difference, projects that will reach higher then myself. I love to orchestrate collective creativeness, I love to help young creators to reach the top of their potential. Discipline and creativity, the roots of a game that is the greatest one.


Spoken languages
English, français, Espanol (pequito)
Written languages
English, français, Espanol (pequito)
Sciences (École d'Éducation Internationale), Graphisme (Cégep Ahuntsic), Design Graphique (Université du Québec à Montréal), Maîtrise en Communication (commencée à l'UQÀM), Workshops et collaborations diverses avec artistes en arts visuels, audio et audiovisuels.
Tech skills
etc, Série des logiciels Adobe (design), audit (understand the needs), manual skills, comm.logistics
Specialized equipment
Powerfull portable MAC, hands, deux hémisphères du cerveau en relation étroite.
etc., Da Vinci, Jorowdowsky, Pythagore, Hans Jenny, Werber, Sun Tzu, Lennon, Ancient Natives