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Dave Olson




Poet, podcaster, public-policy pundit and chronic documentarian from his earliest days, world-rambling Dave spends his time writing, painting and listening to old vinyl albums on the back porch whilst gazing at North Vancouver's mountains and trees. Published in magazines and journals on topics from Hemp Culture in Japan to Telco de-regulation, Dave is most proud of his handmade literary chapbooks, static montage art, and audio hi-jinks. An enthusiast of personal translucency, Dave shares his spiels and writings at Uncleweed.net and via Twitter @uncleweed.

After award-winning stints at Raincity Studios and Happyfrog.ca, Dave joined MovieSet.com to connect film fans and filmmakers by using social media campaigns to deliver unique, behind the scenes coverage of movies in production.

Work experiences

  • Director of Fan Communities, MovieSet.com Current

    From January 2009 to present in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
    Created campaigns and initiatives to drive traffic and encourage participation in a site distributing behind-the-scenes footage from movies in production


H.D. Thoreau, Edward Abbey, Gary Snyder, Walt Whitman, Edmund Hilary, Thor Heyerdahl, Leo Tolstoy, Vaclav Havel, Leo da Vinci