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Doris Ng Ingham




I'm currently returning to my primary interests after a detour of a few years! I'm job-hunting in a field related to Community and Social Service/International cooperation with a special focus on Social Communication. Always looking for a new challenge. I'm interested in everything that has a human touch. I highly enjoy helping out people, leaving a positive imprint on the world, no matter how small it is. Skills: excellent interpersonal skills, highly adaptable, ability to build rapport with a diverse workforce of multicultural settings and to interact with groups of various ages, organized, excellent coordination skills for projects, strong sense of empathy, integrity, team player and positive attitude. Quadrilingual (English, French, Spanish, Chinese). Web CV in French only: doris-ingham.tumblr.com


Spoken languages
English, français, espanol avanzado, Chinese beginner
Written languages
English, français, espanol avanzado, Chinese beginner
Université de Montréal, Class of 2010, Journalism (2010), Individualized studies - Public Relations (2009)
University of Ottawa / Université d'Ottawa, Class of 2006, (bilingual) joint honours in history & political science (international relations)
Champlain Regional College, Class of 2003, Commerce
Oxford Seminars, Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor
Tech skills
Final Cut pro, Microsoft Office, Adobe Audition/Photoshop/Illustrator
Specialized equipment
Camcorders (Sony, Panasonic), Recorder Olympus LS-10, Nikon D60, Canon xT, xTi, radio technics, environnement Mac environment, PC
Tout. Un simple sourire d'enfant, un sans-abri dans la rue, le soleil qui brille dans le ciel, la neige qui tombe doucement, une personne qui tend la main, le rire de quelqu'un.../ Everything.