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Dennis Velco




Velco's paintings has been described predominantly as colorful, lively, rich with symbolism and texture while being both energetic and meditative / contemplative. Velco's art layers translucent and opaque colors and styles intermix in a thoughtful yet playful manner. Many are drawn into his paintings by the rich texture due to his painting process of applying the paint directly with his fingers. The paint is like an extension of himself allowing him to drift into his "art moments". He lets go allowing the moment to happen and trusts the end result will benefit from this creative freedom.


Spoken languages
English, German (but rusty)
Written languages
English, German (but rusty)
Self taught in art. Ohio State University studied CIS and Industrial Design. An Entrepreneurial person who formed a technology consulting firm that grew to 37 staff servicing Fortune 500 level clients US wide and some European clients. I thrive in a business start up environment in a leadership role and have experience with both commercial and non-profit management.
Tech skills
Acrylic, Finger Painting, Throwing Paint, Contracting, Asset Management, Procurement, Team Leadersip
life, My Son, My life partner, Spirituality, Color, Universal Energy