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Federico Cambria




Federico Cambria born in 1975

He graduated with an MA in Music History
at Univeristà Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano
and he holds a degree from Milan Civica Scuola del Cinema

2008-nowadays Free-lance director:
-Commercials and viral director
Clients: Danone, Ottica Avanzi, H3G, Sisal, Corriere dello Sport, Nolan, etc
Agencies: Y&R, Goettsche, Aldobiasicomunicazione, etc
-TV series pilot for Contempo Produzioni, 26 min;
-Playwright and Director for the Multimedia Theatre Play “Slavedrome”,
performing at Festa del Teatro Milano 2008,
mentioned at Bjcem Skopje Biennal 2009,
Teatro Litta Milano Season 2009-2010
director for Multimedia Theatre Play "Blackberry love"
performing at Teatro Libero Milano March 09

-Freelace photographer: stage photographer and fashion

2006-2008 Director at Kitefilm, TV and viral campaign shooting

2005 Music promos Director; Producer and Assistant Director for
TV series and TV movie; Playwright and Director for the Multimedia
Theatre Play “Decoder”

2003-2004 Scouting Director at Brw&Partners

2000-2002 Assistant Director at Forma International/Bongiorno Productions;
Documentaries Director at RAI and MEDIASET Broadcasting
TV Channels, Photo assistant for Pierpaolo Ferrari


Civica Scuola del cinema Milano, Class of 2000
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Sede di Milano, Class of 2000