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François Aubry




I have known and worked with Francois Aubry since the fall of 2006 and have edited footage shot by him for a Vision TV series. In fact I got to know his camera footage before I met him and was extremely impressed by the risks he took to obtain many compelling and meaningful shots for the episode I was editing on the Christian Peacemakers in Colombia. He has a great eye and astounding patience to wait and frame well lit and perfectly composed shots which he did in Israel, The Philippines, Guatemala and Liberia. I recently had the opportunity to hire him to work as the Director of Photography on a specialized Green Screen shoot I produced for Trent University. Francois is a wizard with special effects and his knowledge and confidence pleased my client exceedingly. His lighting is full of texture and his shots are steady and all in focus after many hours of shooting interviews and subjects in an aboriginal tepee. I must also mention he has a friendly manner with people and has a fun sense of humour. Peter G. Elliott, Producer Railway Town Productions, Peterborough, ON *** It is without hesitation that I recommend François Aubry for any job requiring an excellent cameraman who is intelligent, diligent, responsible and adaptable. Médiatique inc. has benefitted from his services on a number of occasions, in Canada as well as overseas. It was a pleasure to work with him. Danièle Caloz, president, Médiatique, inc. Official D.O.P. for Entertainment Weekly exclusive interviews for TIFF'2009. The line-up this year includes Matt Damon, Carey Mulligan, Terry Gilliam, Abbie Cornish, Michael Moore, Chris Rock, Clive Owen, Colin Firth and Jason Riteman. Interviews can be seen on the following link: http://oscar-watch.ew.com/2009/09/17/abbie-cornish-earns-bright-star-raves/