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Hara Allison





We're big enough to admit we are a small agency. We aren't big in square feet (though Hara's feet ARE big, they are most certainly NOT square). We are not big on minions. And we aren't big on having our own 'corporate culture'. However, we are big — huge even — on the important things. It's true! We are BIG on ideas. It's who we are... literally. It's even our website URL: SmallAgencyBigIdeas.com We're big on experience. There is more than 40 years of combined local and national advertising experience packed into this small agency... we're like 'experience hoarders'. We're big on personality. Yes, you probably already noticed the shoes... but do you know about our hats? Small agencies wear many hats and oh how we love and embrace the roles and responsibilities each one brings. From our super-sassy receptionist hat (yes, you will be getting us directly on the phone), to our CEO hat, which is the incognito fedora we put on to slip out and get that Grande Mocha (or plain ol' soy) in-between our other hat-wearing gigs. We're big on relationships. You aren't simply a listing in our QuickBooks... We like you… we really, really like you. The image and success of your business IS our business and we take the time needed to get to know you. We don't want to be known as 'The Agency'... We strive to be your associate. We'll even hang around the water cooler with you. And finally, we are big on deliverables. We work with you to set realistic deadlines for all phases of a project and we'll deliver them on time. Being small we are incredibly agile... like a jungle cat. So good things really DO come in small packages. Give us a call and find out how this small agency can do BIG things for your business!

Work experiences

  • Owner Current

    With STUDIO H Advertising & Design from August 1991 to present.
  • Senior Creative Director

    With Element Media Productions from October 2004 to February 2008.
  • Assistant Art Director

    With Advertising Ventures, Inc. from June 2003 to October 2004.
  • Art Director Current

    With BHW1.


Florida International University, Class of 1989, Communications | Advertising
Tech skills