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Harleigh Quinn




If you want to know about me, begin here: http://www.chinavoc.com/zodiac/tiger.asp Then here: http://www.chinavoc.com/zodiac/tiger/person.asp Then read about "wood" here, as it "best" describes me: http://www.chinavoc.com/zodiac/tiger/five.asp I would say read the rest, but I was a quiet child and I don't know what time I was born. Truthfully, the "wood" describes me best, as I am not a bully or any of the other "rambunctious" or "leap first, ask questions later", though, honestly, I SHOULD.... I DO cry at movies, but at the same time am not someone to be crossed, but those that TRUELY know me KNOW that already. The rest of me is Pisces two, so I have done it all and seen it all, even if I haven't. Nothing much surprises me, really, except when it does....