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Intoccabile Fyutchaflex





きょうは みなさんが けいけんしたことのない おんがくを とどけます.

じこしょうかい... ぼくはイントッカービレ.


Owner of FYUTCHAFLEX WORLD (2001-2011), FYUTCHAFLEX MUSIC GROUP CANADA-CHINA-JAPAN, distributed in North America, Asia and Europe. Finally... distribution in China!

Signed to LAUNCHPAD MUSIC SERVICES ( UK, US), a synchronization license agency.

Creative musicians coalition member.

Member of the canadian association of professional dj's ( CAPDJ ).

Member of the society of composers, authors and music publishers of Canada
( SOCAN ).

Member of the canadian society for Aesthetics.

Member of the international association for Aesthetics.

Member of the Quebec council for the Arts.

Harvard University (Art History/Museum studies)

BA Literary studies (University of Quebec in Montreal)

BA Art history (University of Montreal)

Certificate Asian studies



CDFYU001 - Raggatech selection
FYU002 - Organized Grime volume 1
FYU003 - Meditation / Dark Tomorrow
FYU004 - Grime related
FYU005 - Chaos seed / Just for you Berlin
FYU006 - Chaos seed / In your arms
FYU007 - De Spiria
FYU008 - Ladies' night
FYU009 - The future sound of Dubstep volume 1
FYU010 - The future sound of Dubstep : Genesis
FYU011 - Coming of Age EP
FYU012 - Wachenröder EP
ZRD020LP - Rare Grooves 2 LP
FYU013 - Entkunstung / De Spiria Opus II ( 01/08/2009 )
FYU014 - These times of despair EP ( 01/08/2009 )
FYU015 - Musica Sola EP ( 01/09/2009 )
FYU016 - Kunstlehre / Sachlichkeit
FYU017 - Das Elend bleibt
FYU018 - Future Garage vol. 1
FYU019 - Future Garage vol.2
FYU020 - Rerum Novarum
FYU021 - Project Camelot
FYU022 - Future Garage Volume III
FYU023 - A bridge between us

Fyutchaflex Promo video 1 generated, edited and published by SB.TV
Fyutchaflex Promo video 2 generated, edited and published by SB.TV
Musica Sola promo video 1. Production by Richard Lock ( Nu Urban design / devolution designs ).
Musica Sola promo video 2. Production by Louis Serrano of SB.TV
Rerum Novarum promo video, edited and published by Intoccabile
Future Garage volume 2 promo video 1, edited and published by Intoccabile
Future Garage volume 2 promo video 2, edited and published by Intoccabile
roject Camelot promo video, edited and published by Intoccabile


It is a very exciting period for Future Garage.

People seem to be tired of the same old sounds and want or need something new.

More and more people show up at Future Garage events, and record sales, compared to, say, two years ago, are very, very encouraging !

There is no doubt in my mind that Future Garage is getting bigger.

It is an honour to be able to contribute to such exciting music scene.

Work experiences

  • Owner Current

    With Fyutchaflex recordings and events.
    Label owner, founder.
  • Video editor and visual effects designer Current

    With Creative communications center of Shizuoka.


Represented by
Jean-Smaille Germeil
Spoken languages
English, French, Russian, creole, japanese
Written languages
English, French, Russian, creole, japanese
Université du Québec à Montréal, Langues et cultures d'Asie, Histoire de l'art, Études littéraires
Université de Montréal, Histoire de l'art, Théologie et science des religions
College de Maisonneuve, Arts et Lettres
Harvard University, Class of 2010, Art History/Museum Studies
Collège Mont - Royal
Tech skills
photoshop, Audio engineering, all digital audio workstations, Vegas Pro
Dubtechno, Future Garage, Minimal Techno