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Jason Kuhrt




Work experiences

  • Freelance Designer

    With Concordia University from August 2008 to October 2008.
    Through Concordia University Fine Arts I designed a poster, website, and promotional material for Portfolio Day in Montreal 2008. The event that was hosted by the university with participation from Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, The Alberta College of Art + Design, and The Emily Carr Institute. The event connected faculty members with prospective students coming out of highschool and Cegep. The purpose was to have students present their portfolios and receive feedback in preparation for their applications to the respective school.
  • Freelance Designer

    With VANYA ROSE from April 2008 to August 2008.
    Created a brand and website for film director Vanya Rose
  • Freelance Designer

    With time's thievish progress to eternity FILMS from October 2007 to October 2007.
    Created the poster and promotional stationary for the short film Montreal Stories 1944 by Vanya Rose. It portrayed a child's perspective of her Jewish immigrant family living in the Mile End.
  • In-house Designer

    With Icograda from May 2007 to September 2007.
    Created the poster and promotional material for the 2007 World Design Congress.
  • Bored in Heaven (design) Current

    With Professor Kenneth Dean from November 2010 to present.
    Bored in Heaven is a documentary exploring an area of south-east China that is experiencing a renaissance in ritualistic tradition. Their festivals and lore have unique orbits of cultural and thus political power which film considers in the context of a rapidly changing China. The director is a professor from McGill University named Kenneth Dean. I am working with Ken to create the jewel case design, website, and possibly other promotional material for this film.
  • Creative Director Current

    With time's thievish progress to eternity FILMS from September 2010 to present.
    I design and execute designs for websites, posters, and other promotional or graphic substances related to or for time's thievish.
  • Web Developer

    With TANK from November 2010 to January 2011.
    I worked on a contract basis on web development and sprinkled with some web design. The development involved CSS and HTML while the design included UI mockups for a medical-industry web application.
  • Interaction Designer

    With Bluesponge from September 2010 to October 2010.
    Bluesponge brought me on board to help create the CCA Journey's microsite. It is the online component of a three-tier endeavour that includes an exhibition and a publication focused on research conducted by several scholars. This research questions and debates issues raised by increased global movement. http://www.cca.qc.ca/en/exhibitions/1074-journeys-how-travelling-fruit-ideas-and-buildings-rearrange
  • Freelance Designer

    With Realisatrices Equitables from March 2009 to March 2010.
    Working with two colleagues we rebranded this non-profit organization working for representation of women film Directors. Work continued afterward in the form of helping construct weekly HTML Email newsletters.
  • In-House Designer

    With Icograda from May 2009 to September 2009.
    I Executed two projects. One was a redesign and reconceptualization of Icograda's Biennial Review produced for each World Design Congress. The other was a redesign and reconceptualization of Indigo's website.