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Jeffrey Roussakis




My name is Jeffrey Roussakis and I currently live in London, Ontario Canada. I recently graduated with honors from the 3D Animation and Character Design program at Fanshawe College.
I'm one of those people who set a goal and don't stop until I get that goal. It's really what keeps me going :)
I probably have the most positive attitude around and like to surround myself with positive people and fun environments.
I'm an artist person in general as I've taught myself how to play guitar and taught myself how to sing. (practice makes perfect right?)


Spoken languages
English, French (little)
Written languages
English, French (little)
Graphic Design (Lots of photoshop experience)
3D Animation and Character Design (Lots of modeling, sculpting and texturing experience)
Tech skills
Ability to bring a concept image to final product Problem solving skills Time and file management skills
Specialized equipment
Hi end computer Professional Camera
movies, character artist forums