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Julia Delrieu





Interim Marketing Coordinator | Canadian Centre for Architecture | Montreal

Marketing & Business development | Urban Planning & Design industry | Montreal & Tripoli, Libya

Project management & Communications | Urban Planning & Community development | Montreal

Business analyst duties | European consulting | Rome, Italy

Work experiences

  • Research Assistant Current

    With ICPC.
  • Interim Marketing Coordinator Current

    With Canadian Centre for Architecture from March 2011 to present.
    Developing strategies for promoting the CCA <br> Event Planning <br> International coordination
  • Marketing & Communications Strategist Current

    With Try My Glasses from November 2010 to present.
    Helping small to medium sized companies establish their goals and means to reach them. <br><br> There's nothing like walking a mile in somebody else's shoes to understand them. That is why we base the services delivered on a thorough diagnosis to guide your project or your company's next steps.<br><br> We cover both marketing and communications, from focus groups, market research, funding requests and tax credit to event planning, content creation, community management, investor's kits and marketing pitches.
  • Marketing & Business development Coordinator

    With IPSO Design from October 2009 to February 2011.
    Working on developing IPSO's strategic positioning on international markets and in the media <br> Providing strategic counseling for business development (branding strategies and pitch making for clients)
  • Coordinator for the Community Design Process (CDP)

    With MONTREAL URBAN COMMUNITY SUSTAINMENT from June 2008 to August 2009.
    CDP was about redefining how the design and development of a building should happen in order to make it more sustainable and gather public acceptance.
  • Research Assistant (Contract)

    With Habiter Saint-Raymond from January 2008 to July 2008.
    Habiter St-Raymond was a program created in order to survey the available housing in the St-Raymond neighbourhood, assess its development potential and identify community needs.
  • Internship Business analyst

    With VISION & VALUE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS from June 2006 to August 2007.
    V&amp;V is a European consulting firm dedicated to assessing EU program efficiency. Its non-profit, the Vision Think Tank is concerned with topics such as education, information and ecology, and has V&amp;V's consultants write about European trends on such matters.


Spoken languages
French English Italian
Written languages
French English
McGill University, Class of 2009, Urban Planning
Université du Québec à Montréal, Class of 2006,
Concordia University
Tech skills
Adobe CS3-5 / Soundbooth / AutoCAD2008 / Vectorworks
Sicco van Gelder, TED, my kitchen