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Kate Clugston




Kate is a performer, director and community artist. She loves using theatre to amplify under-represented voices and boost community empowerment. In her personal practise she blends the theatre and dance to create movement based performance which often includes text, installation and a little bit of circus. She has trained in acrobalance, Butoh, Suzuki, contact improvisation, Viewpoints, yoga and currently the Alexander Technique as well as training with contemporary choreographers Dean Walsh (London/Sydney) and Martin Del Amo (German dancer, currently based in Sydney). Kate also has 9 years experience as a youth theatre director and creates theatre for empowerment and community development working with non performers and telling real stories which would otherwise be unheard. Her most recent project was with Miriam’s House in DC, a shelter for homeless women with HIV, to create a performance with residents for the shelter’s anniversary celebration.


Spoken languages
English (Australian)
Written languages
English (Australian)
Charles Sturt University BA: Communication: Theatre/ Media
My Darling Patricia www.mydarlingpatricia.com/ Robert Lepage Suitcase Royal