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Kevin B. Shelton M.A.




My work experience, much like my intellectual interests run a wide gamut. Presently I have decided to focus my abilities on three long term projects: - Creating a small translation, English expertise, and socio-cultural mini-projects type of clientele to support me during the creation of my dissertation bearing the title "The Unfinished Human". - Write the dissertation. I have a cycle of research book publications that will follow this dissertation. My hypothesis is that Secularism is a recent World Religion with a very strategic messianic framework. This is a mid term goal as the topic requires highly specialized theoretical and methodological explanation and I use current theories and methodologies from a broad spectrum (religion, social representations, literary theory, psychoanalysis, anthropology and the sacred, semiotics and the semiotization of a world view in non conventional ways. - Create a series of "learning spaces" for High School students covering topics such as justice, tolerance, love, conflict. The approach is unique as it involves introductory and post activities with teachers coming from a wide spectrum of fields of instruction. This is not about teaching; it is about creating learning spaces. These generate a number of concrete issues that I would like to explore with students, teachers and administrative professionals working in the schools. I also wish to bring my reflections about current social phenomena to bear in public ongoing debates about the future. In fact, the last book of my planned academic research takes looks at the current Secularism problem: "The Absent Future". Finally, I hope to engage in small and sporadic socio-cultural projects that can enhance and stimulate my reflections. I believe I can be a very original adjunct to many different types of active socio-cultural organizations.

Work experiences

  • Researcher (Freelance) Current

    From September 1999 to present.
    Research towards a Ph.D. Studies in Religion. Working Title: "The Unfinished Human'. My dissertation examines the idea of greatness, success and leadership through hagiography and biography highlighting their function as ideal type for humans and as anchors to overal conceptions of "how the world is". Three different domains are included: Education, Government and Business. The perspective focusses on how Individuals are not complete, and the corresponding literature to make them complete provides a series of ideals and ascetic practices to enhance their specific reality, global realities, and ultimately their relative worth as individuals.
  • Specialized Translator; English Expert Current

    From January 1996 to present.
    French to English Translation for research in any of the fields related to the Humanities, Social Sciences, Human Psychology, Human Systems of Signification, Reality Constructs, etc. English Expertise: Editing, Revision and Copywriting
  • Agent de recherche

  • Employment counselling for a diverse range of clients

    From August 1994 to October 1999.
    Meet with clients to discuss their employability. Diagnose the specific problems a client has integrating the work force. Develop a plan of action with the client. Follow up. Provide workshops (18 hours) on subjects covering the work force in Quebec and Canada, Re-Training, building a CV, Interview strategies, personal strategies for self development


Spoken languages
English; Français
Written languages
Université du Québec à Montréal / UQAM, Classe de 2005, Religion/Religious Studies
Université du Québec à Montréal, Classe de 2001, Religion/Religious Studies
Concordia University, Classe de 1994, Theology/Theological Studies
Tech skills
Traduction; Writing; Editing; Proofreading