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Kimberly Ogle Hardick




I am an independent yoga educator and strive to bring the awareness that Yoga is for everyBody. I am a practitioner and educator of The Art Of Zen Thai as well as Colibre School of Yoga. Aledo Yoga and Nia Studio is a community I lovingly share with my teachers, students and community. aledoyoga.com seeyouonthemat.com indepthyogastudy.com trueconfessionsofayogateacher.com Yoga-expressions.com Theartofzenthai.com I believe that as finite beings it is impossible for us to ever see or understand the infinite of the divine. That maybe each religion or belief system may in fact each hold a small piece of the greater picture of the divine and maybe collectively our wisdoms, understandings and beliefs contain the truth. I believe in love and karma, that I am not to judge. That just as I am different things to many different people and have many names mother, daughter, friend, teacher, student, wife, lover, travelor ........... I am at the heart me. And my true authentic self is love and there with in lies God. My religion is kindness compassion and love and I will not stop seeking truth and wisdom and guidance until I come face to face with the infinite wonder of that supreme omnipotent life source known by so many names.