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klara pokrzywko




Klara Pokrzywko (1980) is a conceptual Polish Canadian artist on a quest to comprehend the reality of things. Inspired by the behaviour of societies and individuals, her art takes shape in print, three-dimensional work and installation art. Using metal as her core medium, she continuously investigates chemical and physical reactions to push the boundaries of her visual communication with the audience. Pokrzywko has obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction and Honorary Mention from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, has attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD), Halifax, Canada, and has completed a Masters in Arts Management, City University, London, UK. She has received numerous grants and awards and in 2007 was decorated by the Silver Honorary Pro Meritis Medal by the Canadian Polish Congress for her outstanding social work through culture.

Pokrzywko exhibits in Europe, North America and Asia and private collectors as well as organisations commission her work. The artist was chosen in 2006 to represent Polish-French-Canadian artists at Espace Création Gallery of Loto Quebec, Canada, and in 2008, Pokrzywko has produced work for the Island6 Arts Centre in Shanghai and was invited to participate in Intrude: Art & Life 366 organized by the Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China. This year, for the second time Klara Pokrzywko was invited to take part in the well- established international “Peace Art Exhibition” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, where she was distinguished for her work last year by the Artist Congress for Peace. Most recently, she took part in the 2009 Biennale in Montreal, Canada. Klara Pokrzywko is now based in Los Angeles and Montreal.