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Krisztina Fazekas




Krisztina Fazekas was born in 1977 in Hungary, butshe moved to New York in 2004 after she finished her degree in media andcommunication. Her photographic work was selected for juried exhibitions andauctions across the United States and she continued to exhibit her work inEastern Europe. In 2007 she decided to advance her academic knowledge aboutarts and took an MA program in Photographic Studies at University ofWestminster in London. The same year she participated in the Renaissancecompetition where her work was selected as one of the winners and was exhibitedat the Proud Galleries. She was also selected for Transform competition, andher work was shown in London and Italy. She participated in the Puzzle Projectand volunteered as a visiting artist in the Young Offenders program at CamdenCouncil. The very same year she decided to curate exhibitions (she organizedtwo group shows at Foundry in London) and after moving back to Hungary in 2008,she opened a small gallery, which shows young talented artists from across theglobe. In her work Krisztina Fazekas approaching the notion of home and memory,and the personal relationship between human beings and certain places thattrigger memories, as they would be able to contain particles of human life. Sheis also aware of being a woman and a female artist in the 21st century and inseveral projects she approaches ideas about male-female relationships, expectedbehaviours and social expectations women are torn between. Most of her worksare highly autobiographical.


Represented by
Before Exhibition Gallery
Spoken languages
English, German, hungarian
Written languages
English, German, hungarian
2007-2008 University of Westminster
MA Photographic Studies
(end of course: 09/10/2008, degree: mid October 2008)
2007 July School of Visual Arts
Summer Artist Residency Program
2007 Spring School of Visual Arts
Fashion photography course
2007 Spring School of Visual Arts
Advertisement photography course
2007 Spring International Center of Photography
Developing an idea (staged photography) course
2006 Winter International Center of Photography
Photography of Fashion course
1996-2001 University of Szeged (Hungary) Budapest
BA in communication and MA in media studies
(Concentration: television and media management)
1999 Independent Media Center Budapest
Digital television training
Relevant Work Experience
2008 January-August PR Coordinator Graduate Exhibition of MA Photographic Studies 2008 (London)
- create press release and press package
- collect materials for catalogue for deadline
- contact galleries, curators and art magazines
- design invitation cards
- set up email and mail promotion
- create online portfolio
2008 March- June Curator “Be it ever so humble” group exhibition (London)
- find a gallery
- create a theme
- select artists
- create press release and press package
- design invitation cards
- manage web promotion
- organize opening
2007 January – June Free-lance personal assistant Brian Pineda Photo Studio (NYC)
- organize photo shoots
- provide customer service
- create online portfolios and portfolio books
- take care of administrative tasks and basic accounting
2007 January –June Free-lance photo assistant Rainer Hosch Photo Studio (NYC)
- organize photo shoots
- provide customer service
- create portfolio books
- create PR strategies and materials
- take care of post production and digital printing
2007 January – May Assistant of Art Director (internship) Walter Schupfer Management (NYC)
- create online portfolios and portfolio books for represented photographers
- organize photo shoots
- take care of administrative tasks
- take care of post production and digital printing
- create email and mail promotions
2004 March. -2006 June Editor-in-chief Hungarian Word (NYC)
- manage weekly publishing
- lead editorial meetings
- create timetable for journalists in order to keep deadlines
- keep contact with staff in order to follow up how they manage their tasks
- keep contact with advertisers
- design advertisements
- proof read articles, check and correct layout design
2003 January – August Main Program Leader Magma Multicultural Festival (Hungary)
- select and keep contact with artists
- manage and negotiate costs with artists and collaborative companies
- find and organize collaborative companies for needed equipment
- take care of administration tasks and basic accounting
- organize on time delivery for all needed equipment
- manage catering for artists and staff during the festival
2001 May first group exhibition, Mediawave Art Residency, Rábapatona, Hungary
2003 April first solo exhibition NFG-1-Film cultural club in Slovakia
2003 Jun second solo exhibition in Rómer Ház, Győr, Hungary
2003 September third solo exhibition in Millenáris Centre, Budapest, Hungary
2004 August juried auction in Mariposa Museum, USA
2004 December "Fulfilment" group exhibition in Norfolk, USA
2005 January 16 - February 16 group exhibition in Ridgefield, USA
2005 March solo exhibition in White Star Gallery in Jersey City, USA
2006 September solo exhibition in Platán Gallery in Székesfehérvár, Hungary
2007 August group exhibition (SVA Summer Art Residency Program), New York, USA
2008 March group exhibition, competition winners of Rennaisance competition, Proud Galleries, London
2008 June “Be it ever so humble” group exhibition at Foundry, London
2008 September Graduate Exhibition of MA Photographic Studies in P3 Gallery, London
2008 October Puzzle Project Exhibition
2008 November Transformation group exhibition in London and Italy
Professional memberships
2005 member of the Foreign Press Center in New York
2004 member of Ridgefield Guild of Artists
2001 member of Association of Hungarian Journalist
2001member of Hungarian Society of Photography
2001 member of International Federation of Journalists
Tech skills
photoshop, Studio Lighting, medium and large format cameras
Sophie Calle