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Levon Louis




He appeared in Newsweek Magazine for break-dancing at age 10. ​Today Levon Louis is a renowned audio artist, electronic composer, producer, DJ, and game developer.

​​​A child of the 80's, his father played in a new-wave band and most of Levon's childhood mentors were musicians, producers, engineers, and edgy creative types taking the first steps into digital.

​Levon became a DJ and beat producer at 16. Influenced by artists like Karftwerk and the Art of Noise he carried a tape recorder to collect sounds for studio manipulation.

​​Nominated Houston's "Best DJ", "Best Electronica", and "Keyboardist of the Year" several times, Levon Louis is also credited with starting up the city's longest-running weekly DJ-oriented event.

​A life-long gamer, when approached to provide music for the X-Box launch title, Amped: Freestlyle Snowboarding, ​Levon recognized a touch of destiny and dove head-first into game audio. He relocated to Los Angeles for a job at Midway Games on the Mortal Kombat franchise in 2005​.

​​Audio Director roles followed, starting at The Collective in 2007 for The Golden Compass and Silent Hill V, then at Behavior Interactive in Montreal for Wet and finally at Ubisoft for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood​ - nominated for "Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design" in 2011.

​Currently Levon is based in Austin, TX, where his recent work includes audio for Disney's Animal Kingdom and the highly anticipated game, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Alongside sound designs Levon continues to create new music in forward modes for games, film, television, and live performance atmospheres. His music is featured on soundtracks with Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Bassnectar, Depeche Mode, William Orbit, Tiesto, Chemical Brothers, and Thievery Corporation.​

Levon is a dog person.  He loves wilderness camping and learning survival skills for the coming zombie apocalypse.

Work experiences

  • Audio Director

    With Ubisoft in Quebec City.
  • Senior Sound Designer

    With Midway Games in Los Angeles.
  • Audio Director

    With Behavior Interactive (A2M) in Montreal.


Spoken languages
english, some spanish, hebrew, and quebecois
Written languages
english, some spanish, hebrew, and quebecois
Hollywood Sound Design Apprenticeship
Tech skills
sound design, music production, game audio integration
Specialized equipment
UDK, Unity, Wwise
art, music, mature, food, books, beauty