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Lorenzo Orzari




Four features in the works for 2010! For 2011, see updated www.LorenzoOrzari.com... Some franchise feature film - TV - transmedia series simmering. Crime dramas, thrillers, paranormal psycho horrors,3D action comedy...

What is he? A trans-genre morpher? Naw. Just into accelerating the new psychology of storytelling.

Lorenzo Orzari has been writing or co-writing feature films like... "Dragon Knights" for a Canada-Spain coproduction which started production in December, 2010...

"So Sweet", a 3D horror thriller slated for 2011 production...

Now co-writing a new 3D horror thriller with veteran producer John Dunning... with whom he previously co-wrote several feature film screenplays including "My Bloody Valentine 2" which sold to Lions Gate.

"MBV 2" integrated eight minutes of footage cut from the original released by Paramount.

Asa writer-producer, Lorenzo is currently developing "The Alvin Powell Story", an inspiring, emotionally intense true-life feature film dramatization.

Lorenzo also worked as a scriptwriter for "Flight of the Living Dead" (Cinepix version), "Pinocchio 3000", "Heavy Metal 2000" (aka "Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2") and Cinepix's "Meatballs IV"...

One of his first feature film scripts, "Love Me and Die", was produced as "The Scorpio Factor". That was a learning experience.

He wrote scripts for TV series like "The Boy" and "Jacques Cousteau's Ocean Tales"...

Lorenzo also develops his own independent and franchise properties.

He wrote and directed the pilot episode of the "Unknown Dimensions" TV series he created, also narrating in the strangest places as a severed head.

He writes books and graphic novels like "Silicon Horizon" published by Tundra, analyzes and script doctors series as well as feature films such as "To Walk with Lions".

As a Canadian / U.K. - Italian citizen, he adapted scripts from French to English, for TV series ("Xcalibur", "Fly Tales", "Fantomette", "Team S.O.S.", "Princess Sissi", "Papyrus") and films ("Krieghoff, The Studio of a Popular Artist").

He adapted "Barber for the Mob", from true-life Italian book to English crime drama screenplay.

In Twist International and LCA Productions, Lorenzo worked as a partner,executive VP, director of development, writer, director and co-producer of film, TV and media projects such as the film / series pilot "The Secret Paradise" broadcast worldwide.

Currently independent and always open to stimulating new collaborations, Lorenzo has been working on film, television and new media projects for companies such as: Astral, TVA, CineGroupe, YTV, Cinepix, JVJ, Vivavision, Lions Gate and Columbia TriStar.


WGC, Writers Guild of Canada
Spoken languages
English, French, Italian
Written languages
English, French, Italian
Essence of existence, prequels and sequels.