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Lucinda Catchlove



Work experiences

  • Publicist, tour booking and executive assistant.

    With Ninja Tune from February 1999 to June 2000 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    Work included:<br> • Overseeing North American media relations, point of contact for media, media relations firms and distributors<br> • Expansion of media and promotional opportunities for label and artists (sponsorship for performances at SxSW2000)<br> • Expansion of online promotion<br> • Tour booking, management of tour logistics and budget preparation<br> • research and development of projects<br> • development of art world presence and activist related projects for company founders Coldcut (includes negotiation of participation in Truth Campaign, promotion of Timber)<br>
  • Head of Media Relations

    With Mutek from January 2003 to August 2003 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    • Creation and implementation of local, national and international media plans and promotional strategies in co-ordination with head of marketing and festival director<br> • Media and promotion of Festival, and promotional events in NYC, Toronto, Quebec City and Ottawa<br> • Media and promotion of Mutek.cl, a sister event in Chile developed with the help of Mutek.ca<br> • Management of 10 person media team<br> • Copy writing of press and catalogue materials with curator<br> • Accreditation of press<br> • Established relationships with key labels and technology companies for professional workshops<br> Achieved:<br> • front covers dedicated to festival in local weeklies, special coverage of festival and artist in local French and English language dailies, French and English TV coverage of event for first time, extensive radio coverage of event<br> • increased Canadian coverage of festival<br> • extensive coverage of festival in mainstream and specialised media in Europe and South America<br> • media coverage of event that emphasised Mutek’s dedication to career development of local artists ,and how the organisation supports and connects global micro scenes for electronic music and new media art. <br><br>
  • Writer - Production Notes Current

    With Puelo Deir Communications from January 2005 to present in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    synopsis, loglines and production notes for films and TV shows to be used for promotional purposes (Blades of Glory, MooseTV, Durham County, The Templars, The Punisher, Death Race, Fakers, Barney’s Version).
  • Copywriter, content creation and creative conceptualization Current

    From January 2003 to present in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    Copyediting/Proofreading<br> • BellWeb/Cesart: Copywriting and creative for clients such as Domtar and Motorola, as well as internal rebranding. <br> • Origami: Copywriting, translation and proofreading for clients including Power Corporation of Canada, Constellio, Concordia University and more.<br> • Jonathan Goldbloom &amp; Associates: copyediting and proofreading of newsletter for the Bruce Kent Group (2008/09)<br> • Taxi: Copywriting and copyediting of brand books and strategy proposals.<br> • Cossette/Optimum Communications: copywriting of newsletters for CHSSN and McGill’s THRD Project Dialogue - a biannual newsletter on a major research and implementation project promoted by Optimum/Cossette Communications (2006/07)<br> • Press releases written for organizations and events including Fairyesque by Nicole Picard (fashion), Ninja Tune North America, FCMM2002, Mutek2003, HTMlles2007, Raw Peace Pure Energy and Soft Peace benefits and awareness raising events for Les Amis de la montagne (2003 &amp; 2005); Black Rock Burning (independent film presented at FCMM 2003).<br>
  • Collective Member

    With Cocosolidciti from January 2003 to January 2005 in Lachute, Quebec, Canada.
    www.cocosolidciti.com<br> International digital arts and music label<br> • promotion of projects including media relations, event production and logistics<br> • Obtained $30 000 Commissioning Grant from Canada Council of the Arts <br> • -40 CD/DVD Project, brought CSC into project with termnus1525 and NFB. Project management and oversight of project involving 22 artists, three organisations, and budget of $40 000. Project involved video and sound artists remixing 1940s era NFB propaganda films.<br> • writing of media relations materials and theoretical essays for specific projects<br>
  • Translator Current

    With Lucinda Catchlove from January 1997 to present in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    • Constellio: website and brochure text for product launch in US (2009)<br> • New Ad: Employee manual (2007)<br> • Herman Kolgen: descriptive text for IN/JECT (2009)<br> • Skoltz_Kolgen - Silent Room: critical essays included in the book for Silent Room DVD/CD Box Set (2007)<br> • Skoltz_Kolgen – Postpiano_07_05: CD insert (2006)<br> • NL Montreal: print cover stories for website (2005-2006)<br> • Rituel Festif: book (1997)<br><br><br>
  • Publicist/Event Coordinator

    With XMedia/Aleece Germano from January 2003 to January 2003 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    Black Rock Burning, premier of independent documentary film on Burning Man, FCMM 2003<br>www.blackrockburning.com<br> • arranged for launch and screening with FCMM<br> • booked artists and performers <br> • produced event with SAT and film producer<br> • media relations and promotion, including writing press materials<br>


Spoken languages
English, French
Written languages
English, French
Head of Media Relations Mutek 2003, Ninja Tune, HTMlles.
Copywriting, proofreading, translation and creative conceptualization for Cossette, Origami, NewAD, BellWeb/Cesart
Tech skills
Copywriter, Editor, Proofreader, Production notes for film and press releases. Art essays and art theory, and music, art and fashion journalism. Media relations and event logistics for music and film.