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Mathieu Le Sourd (maotik), is a Digital Artist based in Montreal. Graduated from the London Institute, He completes a Master degree in Digital Arts at the IUA Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona in 2004. His passion for sound and digital art leads him to the production of generative visuals for interactive installation and multimedia performances.

His career starts in 2005 with the conception of an interactive visual system for a performing art company. After a South-American tour, Mathieu returns to Barcelona where he joins the Advanced Processing workshop directed by Casey Reas, Ben Fry and Golan Levin. At the same time, he produces Airport an audio-visual installation presented at the Sonar Festival a few months later.

In 2007, Mathieu moves to Asia and works as an Art director on interactive installations for world famous brands such as Chanel (Tokyo), Chivas (Hong-Kong) and Omega (Bangkok) as well as museums and galleries. At the same time, he performs as resident visual artist in Bed Supper Club, one of the major clubs in South-East Asia . In 2010, he is awarded a grant from the CNC-DICREAM for the production of the multimedia immersive environment performance DROMOS. The piece was presented last year during Mutek Festival and received a large succes and a glowing response from viewers and the media.

In parallel, his restless search for new artistic challenges in a most stimulating technical domain has led him to pursue his career in Montreal, the digital arts capital. Since then, Mathieu collaborates with multimedia studios such as Moment Factory, conduct workshops at the Societe des arts technologique and works on immersive interactive installations, such as OBE, a living digital organism system recently shown in the satosphere.


Spoken languages
Francais, English, Espanol
Written languages
Francais, English, Espanol
Master In Digital Arts
Tech skills
Interactive Media Production/ Visuals
Specialized equipment
Touch Designer