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Mark Ungar




The Ideal Employee? Only if you are looking for intelligence, creativity, responsibility, resourcefulness and maturity!

I have a diverse background and huge skill-set, spanning the worlds of performing, liberal and fine arts, as well as web expertise, theater tech, and building trades.

My years of experience allow me to excel in situations requiring creative problem-solving and implementation of the big picture on the ground level. I combine a drive to accomplish with an ability to relate harmoniously in the workplace. I enjoy working with others and bringing out their best.

There are three main aspects to the services I offer:

1 - No one can know everything. But one can understand how to learn. I am proficient at developing new skills and researching essential information in unfamiliar situations.

2. Responsibility. When I take on a job, it gets done, effectively and to a high standard.

3. Judgement. Just as "I was only following orders" is an unacceptable excuse, so is being job-focused to the degree that one's judgement is compromised. Sometimes the larger picture must be kept in perspective.


Spoken languages
Written languages
Computer Learning Center, Class of 1993, Computerized Business Systems
Jamie Faunt School of Music, Class of 1984, Music Theory, Guitar
Los Angeles City College, Class of 1983, Drama
University of California, Santa Barbara, Class of 1974, Art, English, Music, Archaeology, Film
Lowell High School, Class of 1972,
Aptos Jr. High, Class of 1969,
Wm. H. Ray Elementary School, Chicago, Class of 1967,
Tech skills
Advanced computer user
Specialized equipment
Audio tech