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maryanna hardy




Maryanna Hardy is originally from Saskatchewan, she is currently calling Toronto home. Her work creates and marries the stories that filed in her personal catalogue. People real and unreal mingle and live on in her figurative work. Maryanna considers her drawings of her own dreams, mythical lake creatures, games, bullies, house fires and drownings to be a part of her always evolving personal folklore. Maryanna is publishing a book of her art with Conundrum Press this November 2010.


Spoken languages
English, Basic French
Written languages
English, Basic French
Tech skills
Drawing, embroidery, Screen - printing, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
nature books, children's stories, her friends, ornamental art, prairie churches, Quaker Art, Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs, the art of the order of Ursuline Nuns of Quebec, and Jerry Springer among others