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Mathieu O'Connor



Work experiences

  • Chief Executive Officer Current

    With Avant-Garde Solutions from February 2008 to present.
    Hailing from Montréal, Canada. Avant Garde Solutions (AVGS) is an all-around IT service company with a particular expertise in IP telephony. Started in 2008, AVGS has pushed the boundaries of its hometown and now can be seen consulting companies all around the world from the sandy beaches of California to the mountains of Switzerland. Highly specialized and reactive, AVGS is at the forefront of technology and is constantly creating new products, making the way people do business everyday evolve. We strive for simplicity, accessibility and highly functional platforms. We know quality and never make compromise, which enables us to offer a top-notch quality consulting service, high-availability and redundant products. Avant-Garde Solutions firmly believes in open-source technology, contributing to numerous projects we believe in, thinking that collaboration is at the very basis of technology. Working extensively with FreeSWITCH, Avant-Garde Solutions’ developers and consultants are known
  • CEO & Founder Current

    With Voice On A Cloud in Montreal, Quebec.
    The future is calling : Start Talking