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Michael Batchelor




I began my professional career back in the late 70’s as a freelance assignment photographer. I assisted for a few seasoned photographers and after a few years of lugging equipment and setting up photo shoots I took the leap and opened up a small studio in one of Montreal’s bohemian arts neighborhoods. I was shooting all the time whether it was for a client or for myself. Developing my photographic eye was all important. Finding the balance between light and composition was only part of the equation. Technique is one thing. Awareness and the ability to go beyond technique was where it was at. I shot for close to 18 years for some of the top advertising agencies and editorial magazines in Canada and the U.S. I became weary of the commercial side of the business and decided to cash in my chips and try something a little bit out of the box. I had met a few glass artists in Toronto and instantly fell in love with the medium. Here was something that I could see myself getting involved in. It was very cool and seemed to allow for so many creative possibilities. After immersing myself in the world of hand blown and cast glass I began to focus outside of the world of object like glass and to develop designs and products that could be integrated into more architectural and landscape settings. In 2001, SWON Design was founded in Toronto and 2 partners decided to venture on a path that would take us to a new world of sculptural glass installations. There is something quite magical and awe inspiring in the works that we have created. I feel we are just beginning to scratch the surface our potential. Pushing the creative envelope is what gets me inspired. Art is life and life is art. Their inseparable. So my personal philosophy is based on taking the leap. Following your bliss and getting lost.