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Nedge Valmé




[color=rgb(0, 0, 0)]From the moment Nedge "Blak Kat" Valmé was born, she was submersed in a culture filled with music and dance. Growing up in this environment in Montreal, she began her dance career at the tender age of 15 as a dancer for the local rap group "Rough 'n' Ez". She continued to explore her talent and has now been dancing for over 15 years.[/color]

Throughout the years, BK has gained performance experience, excelled in her freestyle, and became one of the most influential and most respected instructors in the Montreal urban dance community. More recently, Blak Kat participated in the dance festival "Session 2 Style" in Paris, Athis-Mont, she was a guest judge in Barcelona for the dance competition "Battle of da monthzters" and she has been invited to judge at the prestigious New York event "Step your game up!" for the waacking category.

These days, Blak Kat is concentrating her energy in the dance styles of "Waacking" and "House". With the title of Princess Blak Kat Imperial, she is a member as well as the director of the Canadian Chapter of the Imperial House of Waacking, the first international waacking group. All the while being an active member of the first house dance group in Montreal, "Jack-O-Lution".


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