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Nina Dobbin




I am seeking translation contracts, from home, from French to English.


Work experiences

  • Immo Ammo Montreal Current

    From August 2010 to present.
  • Immo Ammo Montreal Current

    With Immo Ammo Montréal from August 2010 to present in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.
    I researched real estate hot leads (foreclosures, 60 Day Notices, Notice of Withdrawal of Authorization to Collect Rentals) for 5 years for a real estate specialist in the Industrial / Commercial sector.<br><br> I noticed a lot of residential leads were going to waste. So, I came up with the idea of providing these leads to a select few agents (more on that below) and sat down with a colleague and discussed the design of the web site and the concept to iron out the rough edges.<br><br> What I created was a closed website, to which I invite real estate agents to become members, taking special care that there are not more than 2-3 agents in any given geographic area and specialty, so that I would not have 20 agents, say in Westmount, competing for the same leads.<br><br> Once a member, the agent receives a daily email advising him that the leads are up, and what type of leads are on the site that day. The agent has the choice to purchase only the leads that interest him/her. The agent can also see how many times that lead has been downloaded already.<br><br> Once the agent has purchased the leads, he/she receives an invoice detailing the purchase, as well as an email for each lead purchased, with a word document containing pertinent information on the proprietor, creditor as well as the city evaluation and information on the building provided by the city.<br><br> No lead is provided if there is no possible way to contact the proprietor - either through his personal phone number, his tenant or his bankruptcy trustee.<br><br> Here is an example of the types of leads found on the site: <br><br><br><u>PLEXES</u>2-Plex - LaSalle - 385 000 $<br> 2-Plex - Laval - 291 400 $<br> 2-Plex - Montréal - 354 800 $<br> 2-Plex - N.D.G. - 388 100 $<br> 3-Plex - Laval - 331 800 $<br> 3-Plex - Montréal Nord - 275 200 $<br> 3-Plex - St-Léonard - 589 200 $<br> 4-Plex - Longueuil - 307 800 $<br><br><u>CONDOS</u>Brossard - 187 000 $<br> Laval - 214 500 $<br> Montréal - 326 400 $ <br><br><u>HOUSES</u>Baie d'Urfé - 493 200 $<br> Boucherville - 233 100 $<br> Brossard - 575 300 $<br> Dorval - 259 900 $<br> LaSalle - 233 100 $<br> Laval - 571 500 $<br> Longueuil - 1 522 300 $<br> Montréal - 359 700 $<br> Montréal Nord - 252 100 $<br> Notre-Dame-de-l'Ile-Perrot - 243 464 $<br> Pierrefonds - 226 200 $<br> Pincourt - 211 575 $<br> St-Constant - 429 800 $<br> St-Hubert - 201 300 $<br> St-Lazare - 368 300 $<br> St-Zotique - 156 420 $<br><br><u>INDUSTRIAL / COMMERCIAL / OTHER</u><br> 2-Plex Commercial - Montréal - $1 320 000<br><br> If you are a real estate professional who is interested in this service, please contact me through my website by clicking on the link to the right 'The Hottest Leads in Real Estate'.


Spoken languages
English, French
Written languages
English, French
Languages, Business