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Kerri Strobl




Kerri Strobl is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Kerri has worked in 8 countries on projects both large and small. Initially trained as a performer, Kerri strides the balance between working both on and off stage in order to deepen her understanding of communication through art and how this transpires in the relationship between performer and the viewer.


Spoken languages
English, French
Written languages
English, French
Grant Mac Ewan, Musical Theatre
Concordia University, Studio Arts
École Nationale des Beaux Arts de Lyon
Tech skills
Video, sewing, Lighting, light Carpentry, Casting and Moulding, Wigs and Stage Make-Up
Specialized equipment
Industrial sewing machines, power tools, lighting and video equipment, airbrushing
Edward Burtynski, Christophe Boltanski, Jerzy Grotowski, Laurie Anderson, Nina Simone, Rachmaninov, Czeslaw Milosz