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QUIM Alcantara




QUIM Alcantara (Sao Paulo SP, Brazil – 1981) paints current issues like the global warming to make people think about it, but without forgetting the beauty of art so that they can enjoy the paintings. His work is focused on contemporary politic-environmental facts like the earthquakes at Haiti and Chile, Amazon deforestation and Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
QUIM developed his own abstract style along the time. He have a solid experience in art painting, having worked at Art Atelier Gogo & Pimpa along 05 years and painted freelance in murals for great clients like America Restaurants, CasaGrande Hotel Guaruja (Colonial Cafe, Thai and Atlantico Signature Restaurants) , and the Brazilian luxury store Daslu, among others besides Trompe L’Oeil paintings and editions of Casa Cor decor show.
QUIM also studied visual arts, design and art history classes during this period. Although in the last 08 years QUIM had an abstention of arts. Only in the late 2009 his production of artworks gained consistency.
The actual phase highlights the influences of cubism, post-impressionism and modernism, with acrylic paint on canvas and raw fabrics as his main technic. QUIM Alcantara lives and works at Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Spoken languages
English, Spanish, PORTUGUESE
Written languages
English, Spanish, PORTUGUESE
Industrial design at FAAP
Visual Arts at Panamericana
Tech skills
Painting, design
Specialized equipment
Acrylic painting, canvas
Picasso, Delaunay, Kandinsky, Milhazes