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Parker Bert




Parker has recently completed a Masters degree in percussion performance at McGill University under the direction of Aiyun Huang and Fabrice Marandola. While at McGill, he was active in the Contemporary Music Ensemble, the Percussion Ensemble, and collaborations with the Digital Composition Studio.
A versatile musician, Parker feels at home in diverse musical settings, specializing in contemporary chamber music, interdisciplinary work, various world music instruments including tabla, lap-style frame drums, and maracas, and performing in non-conventional spaces. He is also involved in pop music and musical theater performance.
Outside of music, Parker is an avid juggler and enjoys the interplay between circus arts and musical performance. He is currently pushing his career as a musician toward the circus world.


Spoken languages
English, French (proficient)
Written languages
Master's degree in percussion performance . . . . McGill University
Bachelor's degree in percussion performance . . . McGill University / Queen's University
private study of drum set and percussion
circus smirkus summer camp / MIT juggling club
Tech skills
functional computer skills, basic audio software
Specialized equipment
percussion instruments, juggling equipment
Cirque du Soleil, Food, any artist dedicated to their craft, any music performed with intention, So Percussion, Cirque Eloize, klezmer music, Balkan music, soundtracks, Big Maybelle, Ametsub, Beast, The Books, Michael Nyman, graffiti, Lost in Translation, Keeping up Appearances